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June 17, 2022 2 min read

Getting a high-quality mattress might be one of the best decisions you'll ever make. Not only does it look good, but it also improves sleep quality. You might be overwhelmed with so many mattresses to choose from. But you don't have to worry. Valmori's got your back. 

Valmori Mattress of your dreams


Here are four things to consider in choosing your mattress.


Mattresses are usually a one-time investment as quality ones last for decades and come at the right price. Always look out for the bed's durability and materials. You can narrow your search by choosing a mattress from a reputable brand like Valmori. Valmori offers excellent mattresses made from rigid materials with a quality-oriented construction process in Australia.


It would be best to settle for a size that works best for you. Considering how you move around while sleeping, you will know if you need a King or Queen bed. A king-sized bed works for couples, too.

Valmori offers queen and king-size mattresses, so you'll have additional options on how big you want it to be. Even if you sleep alone, you can settle for a King-sized bed!

Motion Disturbance

Turning and tossing affect sleep quality, especially if you sleep with someone. Even a slight movement can wake you up if you're a light sleeper. Make sure to choose a mattress that absorbs your motion. You can opt for foamy mattresses with memory foam as these types have a high absorption rate.

You can check out Valmori's range of Valmori Spring Mattress Firm, Latex Medium Firm Mattress, and Hybrid Medium Firm Mattress. These mattresses use premium pocket springs that work and react independently, preventing movement transfer. 

Valmori Mattress Firmness Comfort


Whether you want a firm or a bouncy mattress is a personal choice. You can take Valmori's Mattress Quiz to find the firmness level and type you need. We recommend the Latex Medium Firm Mattress or the Hybrid Medium Firm Mattress if you suffer from back pain. However, the Spring Firm Mattress also works fine as it comes with the right touch of firmness.

Having the right mattress is an excellent investment for your well-being. That's why experts recommend having a good mattress, as it can save you from back pain and gives you excellent sleep quality. Your bed isn't something that you should skimp on.

Check out Valmori's range of high-quality mattress in a box. Each mattress has anti-microbial properties, an anti-slip bottom, a 15-year warranty, and more. With Valmori, you can experience excellent value at the right price.

Valmori Mattress in a box with instructions