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About Valmori

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help Australians achieve the perfect sleep cycle night after night to eliminate the stress out of life. We continually develop and enhance our products for durability, comfort and consistency so that our customers can experience invigoration every night.

Sophisticated Designs

We produce the finest mattresses made with natural and durable fabrics, materials and fabrications – we deliver our quality backed mattresses nationwide. Each mattress is meticulously inspected to ensure a long-lasting and consistent aesthetic for our customers’ home and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for latex, spring or our award-winning hybrid mattresses – we’ve got your back.

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Our history

Since 1963, quality has been our main purpose. Our continual progress in research, design and development has since generated popularity in our products at world-renowned exhibition events. We continuously improve our manufacturing and innovation process to provide the best possible mattress at an affordable price.